Who are we?

We aim to help customers achieve a clean and fresh environment in every room by providing solutions for unpleasant smell.

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Baiakad believes that scent is a critical element of brand identity. We constantly improve in technology and love to customize scents for your store.

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Baiakad prioritizes quality

and offers customized scents

and solutions for our clients.

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Places we operate in:

Person Holding Black and Silver Steel Barbell Photography
handbag retail fasion store and showcase.
Clothing StoreĀ 
Sports clothing



Hookah Bar and Lounge
Slot machines in casino
Hotel bathroom
hotel bathroom



your benefits

Build a stronger brand

identity, with people

recognizing and associating

your personal scent

with your brand.

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Increase Client Satisfaction by Up to 20%

Increase the amount of time customers

spend in your store by up to 18%.

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Boost Your Total

Revenue by up to 9%!

3 different color options

Our team has selected the three best colors to perfectly suit your enviroment and room we choose to operate in.

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Black & white


matte black

clean white


controllable by phone

through our own app

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Batteries, perfume oil,

maintenance, batteries and

optimisation are fullly taken

care of by our team


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Providing a strong

& pleasant smell in a range

up to 100M2

Our Work Process

we analyse your brand and store

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our team makes a selection of

the best packages for your brand

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Path Dashes

together we select the

package that suits best

We arrange periodic check-ins to ensure

that your needs are being met

and the machine is being used optimally

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